Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Elsewhere, meanwhile...

A number of other operabloggers have been kind enough to link to this blog:

The delightful Prima la musica, who from the wilds of New Zealand seems to be a better fan than I, &
New Yorker critic Alex Ross, who amusingly puts me among "I Puritani".

I've enjoyed the minimalism of my previous sidebar, but that's no excuse for poor etiquette. Suggestions for a category name for these and other new entries are however welcome.

UPDATE (2/27/05): More incoming links -- photoblogger and confetti-thrower Leon Dominguez and vilaine fille Marion Lignana Rosenberg, whose Opera-L contributions I admired long before she had a blog.

UPDATE (3/7/05): Now Trrill, who provided a soundtrack for today's post. Also added Alaa (The Mesopotamian) to the "Pajamas" category -- somehow I find bloggers who don't post often rather sympathetic.


  1. Grazie for the link, keep up the good work!

  2. I've also linked Sarah's Prima La Musica blog to my 'umble blog. And I think I did it before JSU did!

    Where's my love?

    P.S.: I'm thinking of Sidebar names, fear not. So far I've thought up:



    Così fan Linki

    I never said I was good at this sort of thing.


  3. Yes, Vic, I realized I'd forgotten your blog...

    The names should be clothing-themed, btw. Unless you've a new set for the entire sidebar.

  4. Ah. Well. It's tricky isn't it.

    My first thought then is to suggest an absolete but stylish article of clothing, such as


    ...perhaps for your more spirited links.

    As for the category for which my Blog heads, mmm, why not:


    Brainstorming for others isn't half difficult.



Absolutely no axe-grinding, please.