Thursday, June 16, 2005

Naumburg 2005

On Anne-Carolyn Bird's tip I attended the finals of this recital competition. Four singers each did a program of about 40 minutes.

The blogger -- Tom Meglioranza, who's been competition-blogging all month, starting with this hilarious anecdote about one of my favorite singers -- finished second, deservedly so. He has a sweet lyric baritone that worked well over a varied repertoire (which to my personal taste nevertheless had a bit too much of the cutesy).

The winner was soprano Sari Gruber, whom I last heard five years ago at Weill. This time I wasn't so impressed with her sometimes-strained-sounding vocal production, but her command of time and feeling was remarkable.

Tyler Duncan, whose rich baritone was the most impressive instrument of the evening, was third. (He was also the first man I've ever heard do Bolcom's "Amor" -- a bit jarring, even in the third person.) Soprano Amanda Forsythe got Honorable Mention. She seemed to have difficulties adjusting her voice to the resonance of near-empty Alice Tully Hall, but did show a fine feeling for French song.

The audience seemed to be an afterthought, with no programs (one of the judges did read each recitalist's name and program to the audience before he or she started) and everyone restricted to the loge and box sections far in the back. Still, an interesting evening. Thanks, Anne-Carolyn.

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  1. You're welcome! I'm so glad someone went in my stead. What a shame that there were no programs! And such a small audience. With such talent, one would have hoped that the buzz would be greater. They must have their reasons... Thanks for the report!


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