Monday, August 22, 2005


I have, it seems, been gone longer without official 'hiatus' than others who thoughtfully preannounced an absence. The site meter, I'm sure, has its own story.

At any rate, clicking through my own roundup of last season's posts left me mildly disappointed in previous efforts. So, in the spirit of my new, three-blocks-away-from-the-last apartment, I offer you An Unamplified Voice version 1.1. Time will tell how deep past flaws ran.


  1. I love the new icon for Site Metre, but though I can see why you don't want to show blog visitors to others (a question of privacy, which is fine), I don't get the last bit -- your Site Metre was deleted or something?

    Yikes, maybe there is a cut-off that you must re-sign on before they suspend it?

    If you mean, as I suspect, that you are re-dedicating yourself to An Unamplified Voice, then great.

    It'll be terrific, as soon as the season gets truly under way! :)


  2. No, I just meant my visitor count must've dropped off while I was gone.


Absolutely no axe-grinding, please.