Friday, September 16, 2005


The local opera season begins in earnest Monday. It seems I'll be there; the moral and physical ailments that threatened to keep me sidelined have, apparently, receded.

*     *     *

Being inside an event -- opening night, or any performance worth anything -- feels a liberation from time, but just observing that one's taking place makes for unease.* Who can digest Opera-L reports in one's offseason, or search through dozens of schedules every few weeks? Well, some. Perhaps operablogdom's readership depends on them, who don't feel this bite of regret in each event whose call to attention one may not -- can not, for we are mortal -- heed.

I do, though. For other New Yorkers who share my reaction, the site I blogrolled last week may make scheduling minimally painful. A unified city calendar! Long overdue.

*Sometimes I get up, middle of the night... and blog.

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