Sunday, October 23, 2005

Return of the off-topic diva

In his ABT at City Center preview, Joel Lobenthal of the NY Sun writes of star soloist Veronika Part:
But no ABT dancer is more avidly watched at the moment than Veronika Part. At 27, Ms. Part has already lived two artistic lifetimes. In 2002 she left the Kirov Ballet, where she had quickly become one of its most prominent young stars. After a difficult period of adjustment, she has now established herself at ABT. She is tall, voluptuous, and glamorous, and she has impeccable academic credentials. What is most gratifying about her work, however, is the way she molds shapes, lines, and images in a most personal way. She reminds us anew of the way in which strict, severe ballet can be a vehicle for emotional and supra-verbal communication.
It's a sort of communication I'd like to see from more singers.

Part will dance October 26-29 and November 5.

UPDATE (11/1): Much more of Lobenthal on Part in yesterday's Sun.

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  1. I read with interest your account of your experiences in Europe, singing Fiordiligi in Cosi. I have now obtained a dvd of the performance from Aix.

    When the director told you to sing softly, it was a legitimate request. Do you think by singing at full volume you will disguise the obvious short-comings in your vocal capacity?

    I think your vocal training has been less than adequate. I would advise you to give up all idea of singing with a reputable opera company, and get yourself a good voice coach. Also, your acting ability is non-existent. Don't you know that this is as important as musical ability in opera?

    If you are honest, and serious about a career as an opera singer you will take this on board. However, I think your ego is such as to reject any critism, so you will end up being 'a might-have-been' in North America and an unknown in Europe


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