Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The not-quite-post-Times era

What, bloggers are offering serious thoughts on this already? To me -- beyond the relief that nothing self-evidently horrible was put forth -- it seemed a lot of making-a-media-splash noise, indistinguishable from any other. The real effect of Peter Gelb's tenure will be seen over time, in the day-to-day life and habits of the company.

If there's anything of note, perhaps it's that Gelb has scheduled and highlighted for press consumption things likely to excite the New York Times. A dash of smart Hollywood, plus artists with a New York (and NY Times) reputation -- these are the non-operatic infusions he's publicly lined up.

Although Gelb has also planned changes -- internet offerings, etc. -- which may speed up the decline of the Times-dependent broadcast model, the day of its obsolescence has not yet come. Until then, it should be good for the Met that its GM knows how to push old media buttons... As long as he doesn't confuse marketing and mission.

UPDATE (4:30PM): The full house press release is here, with complete details of the next season. Comments on this soon.

UPDATE 2 (2/15): Seriously, there's nothing the Times loves more than the opportunity to do an "ooh, those reactionary people are worried" article... Or twenty.

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