Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Once upon a time

Among the stories of yesterday's abominable anniversary was this tidbit:
Take the case of Hao Jiangtian. He is one of the New York Metropolitan Opera's superstars. But he grew up in China during the Cultural Revolution when classical music was considered capitalist and decadent.

His piano teacher was thrown into prison. His musician parents destroyed all their classical records to avoid the same fate, and many of their colleagues committed suicide.

But now it is not the past he wants to talk about but the future. He says that since the Cultural Revolution, millions have started to study music in China and he is playing a key role in helping them develop their talents.
Hao will, incidentally, be in the cast of the Met's new opera next season. Will it (like its director's recent movie), I wonder, apologize for the murderous, arbitrary, rapacious and tyrannical strain that has yet to pass from Chinese government? I was concerned enough before I learned (from a myth-perpetuating Times article) of the Ford Foundation's involvement...

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