Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Klaus Florian Vogt watch

Tomorrow morning (Eastern Time), the most remarkable Wagnerian tenor I've ever heard will sing Walther in Meistersinger, live from Bayreuth.

Who's Amanda Mace?

UPDATE (7/25): Is Sachs clacking away on a typewriter? (Must be... Hence the booing.)

UPDATE 2 (7/27): Uh oh -- check out Vogt's present schedule. Is this wise? The instrument he has is hugely precious and surely already enough in demand for him to turn down excess engagements.

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  1. Klaus Florian Vogt was a late substitute for Robert Dean Smith (cancelled due to artistic differences with K. Wagner) - and thus already booked for the Munich appearances. Otherwise, it´s my impression that Wolfgang Wagner is very strict about not allowing singers to be engaged elsewhere during the summer if they are to appear in Bayreuth. But as this was Vogt´s debut, I guess it´s understandable he couldn´t refuse the invitation. But he performed splendidly. I was there.


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