Sunday, June 29, 2008

Miscellaneous updates

Off-topic diva Veronika Part danced her last leads at ABT this season (she is scheduled for a large supporting part -- Myrtha -- in two later performances of Giselle) in two terrific and well-received performances of La Bayadere. As a commenter here noted, however, word on the internet (also dutifully repeated in the papers) is that she may be staying after all. In what capacity? We'll see.
Last week seems to have woken a number of bloggers (see sidebar links) from slumber, not least Sieglinde at Balcony Box who returns hosting Brad Wilber's invaluable Met Futures compilation. (And bearing belated praise for Johan Botha's remarkable Otello.) ACB, on the other hand, appears explaining a new increase in happy silence.
Subscribers are now running into the new pre-season exchange policy at the Met, which involves a $5 charge per ticket for everyone. The donor base is not, I think, happy.

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