Friday, July 25, 2008

Met tech news

First, it seems the Sirius-XM merger will happen.

Second, recent Met moviecasts will appear on EMI DVD. This is going technologically backwards: anyone with a HD DVR could already capture (and, with a bit of know-how, burn) a (somewhat compressed-for-broadcast-feed) 1080i HD version of these presentations. To sell just the non-HD 480p version (that is, DVD) without a simultaneous HD offering (that is, Blu-Ray) is at best uninspiring.

Sometimes the house recognizes it has a tech-forward audience, and sometimes it doesn't.

UPDATE (7/30): A commenter indicates that Blu-Ray versions of the moviecasts may arrive in September as well. Budget for that Playstation now...


  1. I just want them to release that Ariadne auf Naxos they filmed back in 2003 or whatever, because I really love the Met's production of that opera.

  2. Nefarious and strange Google settings--that's me right there above.

    Now, if you say that you don't like that production, it will hurt far more than our Iphigenie disagreement. :)

  3. Oh, no, I really like Moshinsky's Ariadne for the Met.

    I just haven't liked any of the Ariadnes they've engaged since Jessye Norman.

  4. I believe the Blu-Ray releases will begin in 09/10, at least from what I hear.

  5. Good news! Thanks for the info.

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