Wednesday, November 12, 2008

If I ran the zoo

Like some of the commenters here, Mark Adamo has apparently put some thought into what he might do as City Opera's general manager. In his case, though, he's gone so far as to list actual productions to be mounted.

I don't know if he's at all serious (having "composer" and "librettist" already covered, why not "impresario"?), but I'd hire him. The company needs both vision and a sense of the possible from its head, and his suggestions -- whatever one might think of any one in particular -- show both.

(And yes, I've recently told Maury that this will soon officially become the "link Mark Adamo" blog.)


  1. That was something of a bitchslap on his part, wasn't it? Paris Opera West, ouch.

  2. So, we go from Mortier's over-ambitious plans to Adamo's tiny, emaciated American-centric vision. I mean, I love contemporary opera, but Eotvos' Angels in America is a bad opera. Poor City Opera, what has it done to deserve this?

  3. It's not the Met, it's a second house. These quite often have a more local focus, and properly so.


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