Friday, April 03, 2009

Erin Wall's Met debut

I was away from the computer this evening, and only just now saw the news of Erin Wall replacing Soile Isokoski in this month's Peter Mattei-led Don Giovannis (Wall will be Donna Anna, and the originally scheduled Anna will sing Donna Elvira). Between this and the implausibly sonorous Cardiff winner/Lindemann artist Shenyang's debut as Masetto, not even Louis Langree's all-too-civilized conducting could keep me away.

(To be clear, I have heard only reports of her voice, but it was a privilege to read her for the short time she was online.)

UPDATE (4/14): A post on the debut performance is here.

UPDATE 2 (4/28): Another post, on the last Don Giovanni of the run, is here.

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  1. I assume the last line refers to Erin Wall. I heard her at Santa Fe and thought she was wonderful. Glad to hear she is getting up in the world.


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