Sunday, July 12, 2009

Technical difficulties

I was finalizing my post on Lucia this morning when I noticed the blog wasn't loading properly: it seems the Googlepages file purge has finally hit, zapping the css and favicon files that I had uploaded there for simplicity. (In non-tech terms: all the formatting info vanished.) I've reverted to an old old template that doesn't require off-site files but, as you may notice, it's a bit buggy. (E.g. the color scheme switching is broken again.)

I'm working on a more elegant permanent solution. If anyone knows a good place to host blog-related css and favicon files for hotlinking, please send me an email.

The RSS feed should remain unaffected.

UPDATE (7/14): OK, I think I found a hosting fix. And an opportunity for other stuff, perhaps. For some reason color switching is still down, though.

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