Monday, November 30, 2009

Hoffmann (before)

As you may have heard, one of the more unsettled new productions of recent memory becomes even less certain as Joseph Calleja withdrew from this afternoon's public dress rehearsal of Hoffmann. Only a precaution, one hopes! At least one reader offered basically positive thoughts on the whole, but feel free to comment if you were at the Met earlier today.


  1. I would have thought this role is possibly too heavy for Calleja at this point, but then he seems to have the kind of voice that can sing drammatic and lyric parts. He has a perfect combination of chest and head voice, substance and vibrancy. Perhaps he will pull it off.

  2. I was at the Nov. 30 dress rehearsal and Calleja did sound like he was holding back a bit - he's on the mend from a pharnyx/sinus infection I understand. However, even holding back, he was quite wonderful. I also heard he had a really good rehearsal yesterday (Dec. 1) so he's feeling confident that he'll be in good form for opening night.

    On another note, watching and hearing Maestro Levine work was a true privilege.


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