Friday, July 30, 2010

For those who saw the Mostly Mozart opener(s)

How was Louis Langree's "Haffner" so much more alive and spirited than his work with the Met?

(Yes, I've seen some summer operas. No, they didn't seem to require posts -- not even of the "Before I Forget" sort.)


  1. I have no idea! But I had the same impression... glad to have confirmation that it wasn't just me.

  2. I didn't go opening night - I went the next night.

    I thought the first movement of the Haffner was the most alive. I have to double check the score - is there no exposition repeat? I didn't hear one.

    The poor concertmistresses popped a string sometime in the first movement. The associate concertmaster strung her a new one while she played his violin in the 2nd movement. I did sense some flagging of intensity in this slow movement, but I think the orchestra might have been unsettled by the restringing of the violin. There was a rebound of superb energy and musicianship for the last movement.

    I was mesmerized by the Chopin Piano Concerto #2 slow movement (Larghetto). Emmanuel Ax was superb, and there's a moment when the piano and bassoon are playing together that was sublime. Awesome French horn solo prior to coda in 3rd movement.

    Stephanie Blythe was great, a few mid range notes sounded a bit tense, but overall amazing power and melodic line.


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