Saturday, January 22, 2011

Meet and greet

Having recently posted about Dmitri Hvorostovsky and Sondra Radvanovsky's duo concert here last year, I should note that the two will be signing the new CD of their Verdi (plus non-Verdi encores) at the Met Opera Shop this Thursday (1/27) at 2pm.

The disc -- apparently recorded live near the beginning of the pair's world tour -- is one I'd thought long-ago released, but I guess not. Definitely worth hearing: the close miking of Met broadcasts is about the worst way to learn how these singers (particularly Radvanovsky) actually sound.


  1. how about simone boccanegra? will you see it and review it:-) ?

  2. Oh, I've seen it. ;)

    Review when I get some free hours. Short version: it's good.

  3. i heard it:-) only. it is great:-))

  4. Can't wait to hear your thoughts of SB - I'm going next week. Everyone sounded great on MetPlayer last week.

  5. i have to buy this:-), i like both singers , especially DH.

    you can listen to Boccanegra today on the web of BBC3, live transmission.


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