Monday, April 04, 2011

The week in NY opera (April 4-10)

See the post below this one for a review of Boris (very brief), Pique Dame/Queen of Spades (at length), and some Rameau.

Metropolitan Opera:
Tosca (M/F), Comte Ory (T/SM), Wozzeck (W/SE), Capriccio (Th)
James Levine is actually still scheduled to conduct all four performances of this two-week run of Wozzeck -- it's Matthias Goerne who's cancelled, replaced in the title part by Alan Held. About Comte Ory, a commenter wrote: "I feel stupid that I wasn't offended by the boringness/cheeziness/lameness of the production." I actually feel like a spoilsport that I was, but seeing regression from Florez (acting), Sher (production), and the Met's choice of Rossini works all in the same show was too much to take, at least after a month of Lucias and Queens of Spades.

New York City Opera:
Elisir (T/SE), Monodramas (F), Where the Wild Things Are (SM)
Final week for the first two shows; the latter appears to be a childrens' concert version.

Bruno Walter Auditorium (Amsterdam Ave. entrance of Lincoln Center's library):
New York Opera Forum Falstaff (Sunday 1:30pm)
Young singers, concert version.

Maurizio Pollini cancelled what looked to be the instrumental recital of the season (Beethoven's last three sonatas tonight) and wasn't, unfortunately, replaced again by Jeremy Denk (whose late Beethoven needs to happen more often), but Leif Ove Andsnes is playing op. 111 at Carnegie Hall on Thursday.

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