Monday, April 09, 2012

The week in NY opera (April 9-15)

The blog's feed has not, as one correspondent inquired, been acting up -- only a continued and unfortunate irregularity in my ability to post. I'm writing up Manon now.

Metropolitan Opera
Macbeth (M), Traviata (T/SM), Manon (W/SE), Valkyrie (F)
Macbeth I found only middling, and I'm not sure there's enough to fill a review. The appallingly stupid Willy Decker Traviata production should be avoided no matter the cast. Meanwhile Pelly's new-ish Manon production, somewhat interestingly, repackages some of Decker's tropes in a less offensive though still not entirely appropriate way. (More on this later.) Reports that some of the staging has been tightened up for Rheingold suggest similar nips and tucks for this Valkyrie, though as a production it's unlikely to much top last season's serviceable incarnation.

Gerald W. Lynch Theater (59th St. between 10th&11th Aves.)
Gotham Chamber Opera Il Sogno di Scipione (W/F/SuM)
A tenth-anniversary revival of the company's very first production: Christopher Alden's staging of this one-act Mozart rarity.

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