Monday, April 18, 2005

Hacked or toast?

Unfortunately, this doesn't look hacked.

But perhaps tomorrow will bring something else (including, perhaps, the disappearance of this entry).

UPDATE (4/26): Anne Midgette weighs in (scroll down to the third comment).


  1. hmmm...i dont see any type of re-direction going on, and Nick has been known to get a little feisty on opera-l, so uav, you may be right- it may be an inside job.
    I'm sorry someone felt that they had to go there - ttrrriilll was doing a great job.

  2. Acute discouragement is, I suspect, strong stuff... But I wonder what the other contributors are making of this step.

  3. Speaking as a contributor I found it a bit perplexing but I upset can you get about having something you wrote under the persona of Mme. Gioconda Verkakte-Gemischt axed. It was fun. If he brings it back and I have anything to say I'll post again. He's a complicated fellow.


Absolutely no axe-grinding, please.