Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Ticket pricing

This post may be of local interest only.

Freedom -- as the song goes -- may be $1.05, but art is rather more. Still, judging from its 2005-06 subscription booklet, the Met has somewhat moderated its endless price increases of the last several seasons. Weeknight ticket prices (Monday-Thursday) are actually going down, which is good news unless your subscription is in the back of Dress Circle:

Orchestra Prime / Grand Tier A-D$170$170
Side Parterre$110$105
Orchestra Balance / Grand Tier E-G$110$95
Dress Circle$95$95
Orchestra Rear / Grand Tier Boxes (side)$95$75
Dress Circle Boxes (side) / Balcony$63$63
Balcony Boxes (side, all partial view) / Family Circle$26$25

Meanwhile Friday and Saturday prices, which saw a large relative increase last year, will remain the same (as follows).

Orchestra Prime / Grand Tier A-D$170$215
Side Parterre$135$145
Orchestra Balance / Grand Tier E-G$145$145
Dress Circle$105$115
Orchestra Rear / Grand Tier Boxes (side)$105$115
Dress Circle Boxes (side) / Balcony$68$75
Balcony Boxes (side, all partial view) / Family Circle$35$40

With the recent return of student tickets, there's now one frontier of price discrimination the house has yet to exploit: jacking up Saturday matinee prices relative to Saturday evenings. With every matinee being sold out far in advance -- largely, I believe, due to the senior and far-out-of-town audiences -- there's clearly room for it.

UPDATE (5/17): Oops, seems I missed another place to raise prices.

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