Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Rethemed blogroll

Funny thing is, I don't really even like Auden.

I do, however, like the two singers' blogs I've added: Seattle's Anne-Carolyn Bird at The Concert and Londoner Geraldine McGreevy at High Notes.

And have I still never mentioned most charming Bay-area oboist Patricia Mitchell (she reads Artsjournal so I don't have to!) at oboeinsight? That seems the least I can do before reshuffling her blog to a different category.

Actually, I've no idea what any of the above sound like. Not sure what I'd do when and if I found out, either.

UPDATE (5/18): I'm working on a solution to this. Other (would-be) readers have complained before. My knowledge of javascript, DHTML, and cookies is hilariously limited, though, and debugging is taking a while.

UPDATE (5/19): Huh. I accidentally changed it back somehow. Fixed now.

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