Thursday, May 05, 2005

Volpe for mayor?

This is from yesterday's paper:
If the next mayor of New York City isn't to be found in the sports world, the offices of performing-arts organizations might possess a hidden treasure.

"Would I enjoy running the city? Absolutely," the general manager of the Metropolitan Opera House, Joseph Volpe, said. "The person who first suggested it was Rudy Giuliani. He felt that running the city would be easier than running the Met."


Not only that, he's not happy with the present administration at City Hall.

"I don't think there should be a stadium on the West Side of Manhattan," Mr. Volpe said. "There are things that have fallen off since Giuliani was mayor."

Mr. Volpe is leaving the Met next year, but he says he's not interested in seeking Mr. Bloomberg's job.

"The idea of getting into politics, without any backing, doesn't really make a lot of sense," Mr.Volpe said.
Actually, I think he'd do a pretty good job. Giuliani's quip isn't too far off.

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