Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Next season

Details, as predicted, out today. Press release here.

UPDATE (5:05PM): Incidentally, I was a lot more interested in Doctor Atomic before reading this recent-ish review by Alex at Wellsung.

UPDATE (8:10PM), with bump: Complete production-by-production casting is already on the Met's website here.

UPDATE (8:30PM): Not only all the productions but all the subscription packages for 2008-2009 can be seen online.

Only Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturday matinees still have subscriptions of more than six operas. Every other evening has had its subscription size set to six performances. I don't have last season's subscription book here, but I believe this cuts down (from 7 or 8) the length of more than one evening's subscription serieses, allowing a new one to be added.

Longtime subscribers in particularly good seats on these evenings may be quite unhappy.


  1. On the other hand, how many people are now buying subscriptions just to exchange into the performances they "really" want?

  2. They've killed the wondrous instant exchange option, it seems; now it's more like the old system, exchange by mail after you receive your tickets and after they've filled all the new subscriber orders, too.

  3. When I opened the big catalog from Peter Gelb when I got home last night, I got excited and then saw that they are now tacking on a $5 fee for all exchanges, whether in person or over the mail. Gross.

    Dr. Atomic is in both my subscription packages, so I'm going to have to pay an extra $10 not to see it.

  4. My subscription next season offers nothing Russian; nothing German; not even anything French. Cav/Pag? Barf. Don't get me wrong: I would, actually, pay to NOT see Cav/Pag. But why would I put myself in that position when I could just––not renew? I hope they lose a lot of subscribers over that change.


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