Friday, March 07, 2008

Two months of San Francisco

I admit, I haven't seen a single Met moviecast this season -- much less the uncoordinatedly-scheduled La Scala exports -- but might actually catch one of the SFO offerings that begin Saturday. Opera at the Ziegfeld! Neat.

Interestingly, the other companies don't try for the Met's one-day live "event" presentation. While SFO's consecutive-day run isn't a bad idea, I wonder if four shows per opera isn't diluting things a bit. The price seems to be $20.

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  1. I saw Rondine in a theater near me for $15, but there were 4 people in the house - they were planning 8 showings or more over 4 days. One show each on 2 days might work. Rondine was very well done, but it would be better to have 100 people at 2 performances that 10 at 10 of them, psychologically if nothing else.


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