Monday, September 29, 2008

Stratas report

In what looks to be its second-to-last issue (though in light of the imminent global meltdown, this seems a smaller concern), the New York Sun published Fred Kirshnit's account of Thursday's Town Hall event featuring Teresa Stratas.

It includes this tidbit about something which, like the original Mattila Salome (filmed but unreleased), the Met really should offer for sale despite overlap:
However, Ms. Stratas, who canceled often, did not feel up to the broadcast [of Berg's Lulu] and Levine had to go with a substitute, Julia Migenes-Johnson. For three decades, the general public never saw Ms. Stratas as Lulu, a major missed opportunity.

But the dress rehearsal was taped, and the Guild showed a section of it on Thursday.
I know a number of operabloggers are Stratasphiles -- did any attend?

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  1. I was there and the films were exciting. It incuded european movies from her collection that I can't find onsale anywhere, like her Bartered Bride (in German, filmed in the original czech town). She was charming for an event that lasted 3 hours, I think the audience could have stayed up until midnight.


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