Monday, January 14, 2013

The week in NY opera, January 14-20

Winter cold season means I'll get to the backlog... when I can. Also made me miss (and forget to list) Matthew Polenzani and Emalie Savoy's Morgan Library recital yesterday -- ah well.

Metropolitan Opera
Rondine (M/F), Maria Stuarda (T*/SM), Trovatore (W/SE), Comte Ory (Th)
New this week: Le Comte Ory, minus all the original stars but Florez. Don't go. Not while Maria Stuarda and Trovatore are still playing, certainly... Note that Wednesday's Trovatore is Angela Meade's one performance of the run.

* Tuesday's (starred) Stuarda is the one just before this Saturday's matinee moviecast, which means that the camera equipment and lights will be out in force. Do not sit in side orchestra, front orchestra, or side parterre -- the house is not interested in optimizing patron experience on these nights, but in making the eventual broadcast go well.

Sumeida's Song (M/T)
Soldier's Songs (W/Th/F)

These new short chamber operas continue their run.


  1. Angela Meade sang Leonora in the broadcast on Saturday because Racette cancelled.

  2. Matt canceled his appearance a while back due to a scheduling conflict. I think Anthony Griffey replaced him.

  3. JSU, you were completely right about the direction that the Met is going.
    From Tommasini's article of La Rondine, "Without releasing the details a Met official made it clear before her debut that the company has some big plans for Ms. Opolais in coming seasons".
    The "Americanness" of the Met is slowing fading away under this administration.
    Argh. Gnashing of teeth.

  4. Let's not be doctrinaire... If she's good she's good -- after all, the soprano I've most missed over the last few seasons is Anja Harteros.

    There is, after all, a large roster.


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