Wednesday, January 19, 2005


The highlight of the city's non-opera season is off: Lorraine Hunt Lieberson is out of this Sunday's "Das Lied von der Erde" with the Met Orchestra due to a (non-singing) injury.

Best wishes to her. Meanwhile the antiseptic Anne Sofie von Otter is hardly a replacement.

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  1. How otterly devastating...sorry.

    Did any faithful JSB readers get to hear Denyse Graves recently on NPR? She was featured in the morning show some two weeks back, specially Diane Rehm's -- sounding as ever, 128 years-old. Someone hand Diane some Sucrets, Vick's or Ricolaaaa, for mercy's sake!

    But I digress.

    The interview was made that much more appealing by the charismatic personality of the mezzo, in full voice, considering she had to take two years or so off from her career.

    She explained that not only was it a problem with her voice which she had to attend to urgently, but also that her computer died, her cell phone was stolen, even her electronic memo pad (I know, but I refuse to say it any other way) perished within a few days of each other!

    She realised then that it must be a command from on high which was telling her "stop communicating" for a while - which she did, for a solid year. Just listening, talking very little indeed.

    It's a miracle therefore, that she managed to produce a child in the intermission, as it were.



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