Sunday, January 09, 2005

I have (some) readers (!?)

I'd considered this site in previews, sticking to its readership of a half-dozen friends until the trickle of initial posts added up to something. Having my Rodelinda review be already noticed is an interesting turn. If referred readers stay, it's gratifying. But the timing could be better -- I've been on a long vacation, and the Met is about to begin one of its own. Of course, there's always something to see...

At any rate, I do intend to keep posting, stretches of silence notwithstanding. Thanks for your patience as I bring this place up to speed. Comments are, again, welcome.


  1. Finally.

    After wading through a myriad of Arabic blogs (vide the irony, my friends), I arrive at this blog in good order.

    And it would be just like me not to have anything pertinent to say once here, except, well done on a sleek and timely blog. Not too many Opera buffs about opera buffas around, I hazard.

    Perhaps you'll also take a look at my own blog, since I had to fabricate one out of thin air just to post here. "Anonymous" was never really me.

    (Who could guess "" and "" were already taken?)

    Oh, and BTW, my latest kick includes buying opera glasses. I have a wonderful old 1920's Lemaire pair which belonged to my late maternal grandmother, but know very little indeed about the topic. Perhaps someone here would care to instruct me?


  2. UAV're a smart, sharp and incisive voice on The Met. The only blog of any kind whatsoever that I read, being a huge Met fan/goer. My other half referred me to you from who-knows-what reference but I find you a refreshing voice, rivaled by none. I also like The Sun's critic but your generosity of text is always appreciated. My gold standard = GBShaw. I find you second only to him. Times negligible.
    Enjoy the rest of the baseball season for chrissakes.

  3. Thanks for the praise and appreciation! I hope my posts here continue to merit a bit of each.

    As for baseball: Billy Wagner is going to give me an ulcer...


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