Monday, January 24, 2005

On the other hand

Never mind the preemptive complaint. Das Lied was terrific, successful all around, and whatever Hunt might have done to improve on von Otter's effort, it wasn't something that came to mind during the event.

You never can tell what'll happen live, which may be why I get so frustrated when it's the predictable bad thing.


  1. I'm glad the Otter was great, JSU. Any word on Lorraine Hunt's condition?

    And I cannot wait for your next entry, and I may just be popping down to see FGO's production of Die Zauberflöte , which starts on February 12th (I believe the Gala Opening is on the 8th).

    I certainly do not want to see Britten's "Paul Bunyan" since I have rather tawdry memories of ENO productions of the same.

  2. Haven't heard anything on Hunt. Assume she's doing OK.

    Have you ever seen a non-tawdry ENO production?

  3. That's not fair on George V's grandson, JSU! Lord Harewood tries his best with ENO, but by golly, it's hard going getting a rise out of the British public for opera, in English or in Swahili.

  4. What's the deal... more than two weeks without a post? Is it possible that you are getting lazier? Oh well, I'll check back in in March.


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