Sunday, February 11, 2007

Tenor watch (miscellany)

Salvatore Licitra sounded pretty good on yesterday's broadcast Cav/Pag, but to be honest it was a shadow of his impact in the house. He shows, especially in Pagliacci, the thrillingly full middle voice that one simply doesn't hear these days -- despite a wealth of current tenors.

*     *     *

I'm as suspicious of the OONY scene as anyone, but seeing Giuseppe Filianoti and Latonia Moore (whom, I admit, I haven't heard in seven years) together is too tempting to pass up. Even if it is L'Arlesiana.

*     *     *

You may have noticed that Kim Begley, who sounded a bit ill and out of sorts last Tuesday, was unable to recover from whatever kept him from the first few recent Jenufas. Jorma Silvasti goes back to Laca, and in the last two performances unknown-to-me Jay Hunter Morris steps in as Steva. I hope he makes much of it.

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