Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Is this a prank?

It's not who's doing it, it's what he's doing:
When the commission came through from New York's Metropolitan Opera, [Rufus] Wainwright became inspired by the most obvious of tales: a day in the life of an opera singer. Prima Donna will explore "the construct of the diva, from Maria Callas to Norma Desmond, and the Jean-Jacques Beineix movie Diva, from the 80s. And God darn it, there's a bit of me in that too".

Wainwright will be composing the opera as well as writing its libretto - in French.

Possibilities: leg-pulling; not-for-the-main-stage; improbable success; disaster.

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  1. For what it's worth, he's Canadian and I think a semi-native speaker. Actually I've never been able to figure exactly. His pronunciation is weird and in his recording of "Vainement" from Le Roi d'Ys which is charming in his way, he seems to be making up words. Anyway I don't really want the word "construct" anywhere near the plot of an opera I'm going to...

    Maury D' who didn't feel like logging in through the annoying blogger system


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