Sunday, April 06, 2008

The low blow

Perhaps the self-important bullies who are apparently making a habit of booing Met covers should do everyone (including themselves) a favor and remove themselves from the opera universe. As an unapologetic advocate of booing, I can only say: Stop. You're discrediting the practice. Boo the composer, the director, Domingo, Fleming, Levine, or even Gelb if you've got the guts. Don't boo the cover. To do so isn't standing on your rights, or upholding standards, or anything of the sort; it's just showing the world what a jackass you are. And to do so before the final curtain just turns the rest of what ought to be a musical-dramatic performance into a stupid contest of wills that has nothing to do with either singing or music.


  1. Was someone else booed? I must be behind.

  2. Eduardo Villa, Giordani's replacement in Saturday's Ernani.

    Sorry for the confusion -- I meant to do a follow-up post but it hasn't happened.


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