Thursday, March 24, 2011

Two words about Comte Ory

Don't bother.


  1. JSU,

    "Don't bother"


    Why am I not surprised...

    Briefly, how would you rate the quality of the music?

  2. I totally disagree! Great singing. Great sets. Wonderful acting. Flores, Darmrau, and DiDonato are stellar. It's a goofy, fun evening of bel canto. Marvella

  3. Unrepentant: pleasant but unmemorable until the glorious second-act trio. I left wondering why I'd gone to this instead of a couple of Armidas.

    Marvella: I'm pretty much with you on the singing. The rest I found to be perfectly pitched to a certain sort of taste that's not at all like mine. More, perhaps, after I sort out my review backlog.

  4. I am with Marvella - glorious singing. Got interesting once the women came onstage. Joyce DiD is not to be missed. Probably not as great on radio, but what an amazing voice in house.

    I feel stupid that I wasn't offended by the boringness/cheeziness/lameness of the production. The singing carried me through. When all else fails in an opera, just listen to the singers and watch the woodwinds.

  5. I had to leave my two cents about the singing too. I thought the production was a little corny, but the singing was of the finest I've ever heard. JDF, Joyce and Diana were amazing, but I was even blown away by Degout and Pertusi! The phrasing! The RESONANCE of all those voices! I was texting everyone I knew at intermission and reporting that there are indeed still real opera singers left on the stage!


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