Monday, March 28, 2011

The week in NY opera (Mar 28-Apr 3)

Metropolitan Opera:
Capriccio (M/F), Comte Ory (T/SE), Rheingold (W/SM), Tosca (Th)
Strauss and Krauss' Capriccio begins its second-ever run at the Met (the first in 13 years) with Andrew Davis again conducting. Its final scene was the least successful part of Fleming's opening night a few seasons back, but she's been known to improve. Rheingold returns from this season's opener, but Levine's health has Fabio Luisi in the pit this time. (Incidentally, I'm pretty sure the Gelb-era trend of chopping intermissions will extend to the spurious one stuck into Capriccio for its premiere run, making for four really long one-act shows this week.)

New York City Opera:
Monodramas (T/Th/SM), Elisir (F/SuM)
Haven't seen these yet.

Carnegie Hall:
Jessica Rivera recital (T)
Röschmann/Daniels concert with Juilliard
415 (Sunday 2pm)
Rivera, a soprano better known for doing contemporary works, sings two old-school classics (Schumann's Frauenliebe and Debussy's Ariettes oubliées) before premiering a new Mark Grey cycle. Sunday's duo concert is all Handel, which may get me to attend despite wondering how Röschmann seemingly only shares the concert stage with singers I dislike.

Alice Tully Hall:
Matthew Polenzani recital (Sunday 5pm)
Schubert's Die schöne Müllerin, accompanied by Julius Drake. A must-see.


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