Monday, November 14, 2005

Compare and contrast (updated)

Before tonight's premiere, Natalie Dessay gets all the press.

The Times offers a puff piece, with a bit of access-flaunting. The Journal News a focused curtain-raiser that covers most of the bases. And Dessay-as-showbiz-story -- with nice detail -- is the Star Ledger's take.

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The Times piece does have this interesting tidbit:
From the first, Ms. Dessay has regarded her singing mostly as a means to the end of acting. As a straight actress, she seems to think, she would never have stood a chance.

"Among actors, there's too much competition," she said. "You have to know someone. And you have to have incredible luck. Luck matters less for singers. If you really can sing, you'll work."

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UPDATE (1:48 PM): Uh oh.
Monday, November 14, 2005 8:00 pm - 11:10 pm

Conductor: Bertrand de Billy
Juliette: Maureen O'Flynn
Stéphano: Joyce DiDonato
Roméo: Ramón Vargas
Mercutio: Stéphane Degout
Frère Laurent: Kristinn Sigmundsson

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UPDATE (12/1): A short but frank Q&A with Dessay in New York magazine.

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