Friday, September 29, 2006

(Because this is the 21st century)

Reading Beverly Sills' Met program piece (not on PlaybillArts, as far as I can find) on getting opera singers pop star coverage got me wondering:

Who's going to be the first opera star on MySpace?

UPDATE: Ah hah -- Anne-Carolyn notes that there already are a bunch. Good sign; I'm tickled.

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  1. Well, there are already several. Deborah Voigt is my "friend" on MySpace, and I've seen Anna Netrebko, Renee Fleming, Rene Pape, not mention all the composers, instrumentalists, chamber ensembles, conductors...

    It is definitely turning into a publicity player. How great an impact it has is, of course, yet to be seen.

    My site is more of a personal site, but I've thought about joining MySpace Music (which is where most of these folks are listed) with a "professional" page. I don't want another internet time-sucker on my hands, though!


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