Sunday, September 24, 2006

Met radio vs... Met radio

Minnesota Public Radio's blog speculates that the SIRIUS deal may mean the end of the Met's weekly over-the-air broadcasts.

I had thought that the recently-consummated Toll Brothers sponsorship deal was more solid than that, but I could be wrong.

UPDATE: I should check the links in my own prior blog posts.
Joseph Volpe, the Met's general manager, said yesterday that he could not guarantee the broadcasts' survival for more than four years, based on Toll Brothers' initial commitment and other money raised. But he said he hoped the company's support could be extended. "We're relatively secure," he said.
Perhaps less secure now.


  1. As with other companies in the homebuilding business, Toll Brothers' stock price has been declining rapidly. Given the cyclical nature of the business, one wonders what effect that will have on their advertising budget.

    On the other hand, compared with other homebuilders they seem to be in good shape, but who knows.

  2. I'm less concerned about Met finding funding than radio stations figuring they can ditch the broadcasts because now somebody else has it covered. My local NPR station has been threatening to kill this hostage for years.

    If it's to be this way, I'm hoping Sirius will get its webcasting act together. Opening Night was a wash-out for many who couldn't log on due to their technical difficulties. Also, despite their claim to webcast at the halfway decent 150kbps, currently it sounds more like 35. New adventures in distortion. ffrr it ain't.


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