Friday, December 05, 2008

La Scala on Broadway (corrected)

I'd somehow thought it was to be tape-delayed, but La Scala's moviecasting partner (Emerging Pictures) has in fact set up a live relay of their opening night (Don Carlo) todaySunday at noon ET. The venue in New York is Columbia's Miller Theater.

I'm not quite sure what the audience is for a show on a Friday at noon (or earlier, out west), but if you're interested...
UPDATE (12/6): Thanks to intermezzo for correcting my rather embarrassing confusion of "5" and "7".


  1. This seems to target the students of Columbia.

    Emgerging pictures does such an awful job marketing the broadcast (La Scala, Sulzburg and other Italian houses).

  2. it's actually on Sunday 7 December at noon (6pm Italian) - so you still have time.

    La Scala's season always opens on 7 December, the feast of Sant'Ambrogio, patron saint of Milan. We're just lucky that it's fallen on a weekend this year.


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