Sunday, December 07, 2008

Name tags

There's been much of value -- and, fortunately, not much poison -- posted here in anonymous comments over the years, but with (for example) two or more Anonymouses talking to each other in the recent Don Giovanni post, the potential for confusion is now getting a bit high.

I may someday have to shift comments to registered IDs only, but -- despite the OpenID system making the registration business much less onerous than it was -- I'd rather not. So, as you comment, please at least choose a more or less unique name/pseudonym for yourself and enter it into the "Name/URL" box[es]. I'm personally more fond of names or nonsense strings (or names plus nonsense strings) than opera-referencing aliases, but whatever works.

UPDATE (12/15): As this is as close as I hope to get to having a "comments policy", I should note my one substantive request:
No grudges.


  1. Sorry jsu, I am the very guilty Anonymous (the 1st comment posted on your DG post). Still tying to figure out how this blog thing works. Pleae forgive me. Should I call myself Cheshire Cat from now on?

    As always, thanks for your blog.

  2. No apologies necessary! Thanks for reading and commenting. But yes, keeping a consistent pseudonym going forward would be nice.


Absolutely no axe-grinding, please.