Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Puccini at 150

The birthday was yesterday. Given the mess that seems to have overtook the Rose Theater "gala", the continued magic of Maija Kovalevska in Boheme was the most fit local commemoration. This time Ramon Vargas was in somewhat stronger voice.

Although it was a Puccini anniversary, I couldn't help but think how I'd love to hear Kovalevska and Vargas (and -- why not? -- Kwiecien) together in Mascagni's L'amico Fritz. Or, if OONY or the like can't make that happen, at least the Cherry Duet at some gala or other.


  1. Has OONY ever done "L'Amico Fritz"? I know Dicapo did it somewhat recently--about five years ago or so--but I don't think OONY was ever done staged it. Seems like a natural choice for them: a wonderful rarity with several very good roles and a seriously underrated score. I totally concur with your idea of Kovalevska as Suzel.

  2. It seems OONY has never done any Mascagni...

  3. Joy has come today, heaven and nature sing on an opera blog. :)

    A very very blessed Christmas to you, your parents, brother and family my dear JSU! My dearest friend online.




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