Friday, December 02, 2005


I didn't expect to catch it, but the Today Show did in fact do a nice 6-minute piece just now (from about 8:19 to 8:25 ET, for those who recorded) on the premiere of An American Tragedy, with bits of the score and staging (from, I think, the dress rehearsal) in background.

For the curious, it does appear that the obligatory Nathan Gunn Shirtless Scene has been included in the opera.

UPDATE (2:30 PM): A reader sends me this picture, which isn't among the new batch now up on the official site.

UPDATE 2 (12/5): Welcome, all Balcony Box, Standing Room, and Big Apple Blog Festival readers. More pre-event coverage is in the posts here, here, and here, with thoughts after the actual premiere here, here, and here.

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